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"I am both a general dentist and a sleep dentist, and I provide evidence-based dental care, with a primary focus on sleep medicine, dental sleep medicine, as well as services that go beyond traditional dentistry.  

My commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of my patients is through offering personalized treatment rooted in the latest scientific research, best practices and over two decades of clinical experience.

For patients with sleep, and sleep breathing disorders, I work with a dedicated network of skilled sleep-trained and sleep-focused professionals to provide comprehensive care that not only addresses their immediate needs but also considers their long-term and overall health.


 This is integrative dentistry".            


 Elaine Ng




"It is important to integrate scientifically sound research and technology into my treatments, and to be able to offer my patients the most effective and up-to-date solutions available."                                                                                                           Elaine Ng

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I have issues with my sleep.
Where do I begin?

Dr Ng is a sleep trained dentist who offers comprehensive sleep screening which includes a home sleep apnoea test, chairside diagnostics and clinical assessment.

What is obstructive sleep apnoea?


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when your muscles relax during sleep, allowing soft tissue to collapse and block your airway. This can cause you to stop breathing for anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute. These breathing pauses are followed by brief awakenings that disturb and break up your sleep – even if you don’t realize it! 




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Knowing your Sleep Inside Out 

29 March 2024
Public webinar with Somnus Wellness

Sleep disorders - can your dentist help? 

19 March 2024
EXPAT LIVING Magazine article 

Transform your sleep health with our public webinar, organised in conjunction with the World Sleep Day 2024

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Ever wondered why you feel so hungry when you don’t get enough sleep? Lack of sleep causes dysregulation of ghrelin and leptin – hormones that control your appetite and fullness. The multitude of negative effects caused by sleep disorders includes an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, cognitive and immune dysfunction, as well as anxiety and depression... 

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The truth about mouth breathing, and why everyone is trying to stop it

18 July 2024
Guest blog post on

Lately, I have been highly triggered by what I see on social media regarding mouth taping. The craze has gotten slightly out of control, with influencers of every kind claiming to be experts leading the charge and incorrectly convincing people that mouth taping will either cure or prevent sleep apnea. I need to correct these misconceptions about a practice that, if misused, may be more dangerous than helpful.

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Sleep breathing disorders - your dentist can help!

5 April 2024
ANZA Magazine article

Sleep breathing disorders- your dentist can help! Want to say goodbye to sleepless nights? Dr Elaine Ng at Smilefocus reveals how she's helping patients tackle their sleep breathing disorders.

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